Why Choose Us


We pride ourselves on our immense selection of shading and light control solutions products. But what truly sets us apart is the unparalleled service and support we provide to our clients during and after the projects are complete. Our project management staff works closely with each customer, determining needs and identifying solutions. The number of high quality manufacturers we represent combined with our experience crafting customized solar control systems enables us to identify the optimum product choices for any location or type of window treatment. And our knowledge and selection of fabrics - including the degrees of openness, the weaves, and the sun protection qualities of the materials - gives us the ability to recommend the right fabric for any location.

Our Installation capability is also a key part of our commitment to service. We have a superior team of professional installers who work carefully and efficiently. As a group, they have handled virtually every commercial and residential installation imaginable.

Once the installation is complete you can count on years of trouble free service - We guarantee all our work. Yet we’re always ready to help customers with any and all future needs. Styles and systems may change, but our dedication to customer service never does.

We offer service on new and existing projects. Service packages are available. For more information please call Laura Molsky at 301-424-3770 or lauram@gbshades.com

I-95 Toll Plaza
Illuminating Drive: The next time you are driving thru the NEW I-95 Delaware Toll Plaza, take notice of this unique design.

Fort Belvoir Community Hospital
GB Shades was honored to be a part of this cutting edge health care project. The motorized shades in the large public spaces help manage and maximize daylight, bedside controls allow patients to uplift their spirits bringing natural daylight into the healing process.

Cutting Edge Solutions
• Motorized & Manual Shades: custom, sunscreen/blackout shades, cellular/pleated shades, skylight shades
• Motorized & Manual Blinds: aluminum, wood, horizontal and vertical blinds, motorized shutters
• Specialty Items: Home theatre - drapery tracks, drapes
• Battery Operated Products
• Control/Electronics: RS232, Integration, Switches, Key pads and Remotes, Z-wave

Sustainable & LEED Projects
Green, LEED, Sustainable, EnergyStar, environmentally-friendly whatever word or rating system you prefer, window treatments should be an integral part of the building plans. The proper combination of daylighting devices leads to energy savings and occupant comfort. From LEED Certified to LEED Platinum buildings, window treatments can contribute towards LEED credits in: Sustainable Sites (SS), Energy & Atmosphere (EA), Materials & Resources (MR) and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

Goodwin Brothers offers products that are made from recycled content and cradle-to-cradle certified products.

Be in the forefront of Building Automation

Did you know you can automate your shades with your lighting fixtures? Imagine your shades “talking” with your lights – as one allows more sunlight in, the other dims to save electricity. Our leading edge technology products take control of daylight and integrate it in the most productive way. Appropriate shading reduces glare on computers and heat gain in the summer allowing employees to be more productive and comfortable.

Because of the Earth’s axis tilt as it travels around the sun, a building’s precise location is a significant element in the 'daylighting' equation. An automated shade system is programmed to be at the correct angle—at the right time, 24 hours/365 days a year, and can adjust to different external lighting conditions.

• GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool
• Lawrence Berkeley Lab
• Daylighting Collaborative
• MechoSystems


What Clients Say

  • The GB Shades installer, Douglas Saravia, was extremely cooperative and pleasant.

    On the jobsite he acted in a professional manner and saw the job through its completion.


    Valerie W. Robinson
    Sr. Project Manager

    The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System
  • The Towson Arena Project (now the SECU Arena) consisted of a multilevel power operated shade system. Goodwin Brothers took on the challenge of this intense install. They were extremely helpful in sorting out the needed power requirements as well as proposing multiple solutions for the attachment of the shades and coverage at the sloped clerestory glass. Gilbane Building Company was extremely glad to have GB Shades on the job. Their attention to detail and proactive approach to solving the design and access issues made this project a great success.


    Matt Karle
    Sr. Project Manager

    Gilbane Construction